by Bryan McMahon

The Guide to Ballyheigue Book was launched on Saturday 22nd June 2013, at 8.30pm in the Community Centre.
Guest of Honour: Mr. Dick Spring.

This comprehensive guide to Ballyheigue town and parish gives a vivid insight into its rich history, traditions
and lore. It provides a route to follow around the Kerry Head peninsula and it will greatly enhance your experience
of the area and its attractions.

Written in a lively style and richly illustrated, the guide explores links with the wider world and with famous
personalities, including Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington.

Find out more about:
• the Castle designed by a 14-year old
• the great economist Richard Cantillon, born in Ballyheigue
• the statue of Roger Casement
• holy wells, churches and sacred places in the parish
• shipwrecks and the Danish silver robbery
• coastal fortifications
• the tradition of the Pattern Day
• walking trails and flora

Some Facts from the Guide to Ballyheigue – Did you know?.

What does Ballyheigue have in common with O’Connell St in Dublin?
How did three Swedish men come to live and find romance in Ballyheigue?
What bird performs aerial displays at Kerry Head?
What item from the old Coastguard Station is now in display in the Revenue Museum in Dublin Castle?
Who is the Ballyheigue fashion designer whose work is admired by Oprah Winfrey?
What brought Arthur Wellesley, the future Duke of Wellington, to Kerry Head in 1806?
Who was “the founding father of economics” who came from Ballyheigue?
What is the local connection with the first Irishman to fly?
Where in Ballyheigue can you find the art-work of the famous Earley family?
How did a Frenchman come to have the title ‘Baron de Ballyheigue’in 1839?
What family still has its own family graveyard?
How did Baroness Vera Von Zitzewitz become a valued member of the community in the 1960s?
What is the connection between a Nobel prize-winning author and Ballyheigue?